onsdag 11 januari 2012

En lite uppdatering för att inte helt glömmas bort :)

-Chronicles of Averland by apprentice schribe Balian the Humble of the Kampfenhammer Sigmarite chapel-

Our glorious Empire is the home of many a strange thing. Some things fantastic, some jaw-dropping, some are inspireing and some downright sinister. Our glorious Empire, is home to many a wonderful men of great skill and artisans. One such group is the Engineers and their guild. This is why I am writing this short chapter in my work on Averland.

Three days ago, while on my way to the market for supplies, I choose another path than my usual. This time I decided to take a stroll through the part over Averheim where most of our skilled craftsmen have their base. On my way I passed by the magnificent building which serves as the guildhouse for the Engineers, and in thei yard was a new fantastic contraption.

A intricate pipework of brass and steel was attached to a wooden barrel and through the pipes steam was belching. Since I am no engineer I cannot tell how this thing works or what it do, but its power is still evident. The steam drove pistons attached to weels like those of a cart and the weels were spinning.

It remains to be seen what the great minds of the guild will use the contraption for.

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